DJ Mike Rizzy

Late Night Kells (R Kelly Slow Jams)

July 1, 2013

I was watching the BET Awards and caught that R Kelly performance tonight.  It reminded me that I had this mix just collecting dust so I just figured I'd share.  Baby making music at its finest.

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  1. Sex Me - R Kelly
  2. Bump N Grind Remix - R Kelly
  3. Any Time Any Place (R Kelly Remix) - Janet Jackson
  4. Stroke You Up - Changing Faces
  5. Honey Love - R Kelly
  6. Dedicated - R Kelly
  7. Feelin On Yo Booty - R Kelly
  8. You Remind Me Of Something - R Kelly
  9. Slow Dance Remix - R Kelly feat. Public Announcement
  10. It Seems Like You're Ready - R Kelly
  11. Half On A Baby - R Kelly
  12. Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby - R Kelly
  13. Down Low - R Kelly
  14. Your Body's Calling - R Kelly
  15. At Your Best Remix - Aaliyah feat. R Kelly