October 2, 2018

Little Brother Mix


This is random. As a fan I got excited that Little Brother reunited on stage. Not sure what that means for the future but that's definitely a step in the right direction. Anyways, I started listening to joints and eventually just hit record and went in. This is what came out. Spontaneous. Hope you feel it.  

  1. A Child Is Born – Tony Rice Unit
  2. That Girl Blend – Pharrell
  3. The Way You Do It – Little Brother
  4. Shake It – Little Brother
  5. Don’t You Have A Man – Drake feat. Little Brother & Dwele
  6. Nic’s Groove – Foreign Exhange
  7. Give It To Ya – Pete Rock feat. Little Brother
  8. On And On – Little Brother
  9. Violets – Miles Davis feat. Robert Glasper & Phonte
  10. My Mind – Rapper Big Pooh
  11. Phonte Freestyle
  12. Starship – Little Brother
  13. Between The Lines – Rapper Big Pooh
  14. Nighttime Maneuvers – Little Brother
  15. Light It Up – Little Brother
  16. Every Block – Little Brother
  17. Nobody But You – Little Brother
  18. Speed – Little Brother
  19. The Good Fight – Phonte
  20. Away From You – Little Brother
  21. Tension – Little Brother
  22. I See Now – Little Brother feat. Kanye West
  23. I Believe You – Celo Laine
  24. Whatever You Say – Little Brother
  25. The Honorable – Little Brother
  26. Candy – Little Brother feat. Bun B
  27. Slow It Down – Little Brother
  28. Lovin It – Little Brother
  29. Not Enough – Little Brother
  30. Think Good Thoughts – Drake feat. Phonte & Elzhi
  31. Say It Again – Little Brother
  32. Star – Little Brother
  33. Raw Life – Foreign Exchange
  34. Watch Me – Little Brother
  35. Let It Go – Little Brother feat. Mos Def
  36. Here Anymore – Phonte feat. Elzhi
  37. Afro Blue (9th Wonder Remix) – Robert Glasper feat. Erykah Badu & Phonte
June 19, 2018

All Things Abstract


Q-Tip is possibly my favorite artist. I've learned so much from just studying his catalog over the years. Without his influence, my personal taste and every way I perceive music would be totally different. So with Summer upon us I just felt like doing something fun and paying homage to the legend while we all wait for the new album to come out.  Hope you like it.

  1. Intro
  2. I like It Blend - Jomanda
  3. To Each His Own - INI
  4. Gettin Up - Q-Tip
  5. Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
  6. Let's Ride - Q-Tip
  7. Excursions - A Tribe Called Quest
  8. Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
  9. Lyrics To Go - A Tribe Called Quest
  10. Got Till It's Gone Remix - Janet Jackson
  11. Gangsta Bitch - Apache
  12. Get Down Remix - Craig Mack
  13. Give Up The Goods - Mobb Deep
  14. The Love - A Tribe Called Quest
  15. Find A Way - A Tribe Called Quest
  16. Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest
  17. Check The Rhime - A Tribe Called Quest
  18. 1nce Again - A Tribe Called Quest
  19. Come Close (Closer Remix) - Common
  20. I Beleive - Q-Tip
  21. Life Is Better - Q-Tip
  22. Something In The Way Blend - Stephanie Mills
  23. Whateva Will Be - A Tribe Called Quest
  24. Midnight - A Tribe Called Quest
  25. Traveling Man Blend - Mos Def
  26. Peace Prosperity & Paper - A Tribe Called Quest
  27. What Lies Beneath - Q-Tip
  28. God Lives Through - A Tribe Called Quest
  29. Oh My God - A Tribe Called Quest
  30. Jazz - A Tribe Called Quest
  31. Butter - A Tribe Called Quest
  32. Hold Tight - Slum Village
  33. Vibes & Stuff - A Tribe Called Quest
  34. We Fight We Love - Q-Tip
  35. Poetry - Roy Hargrove
  36. Verses From The Abstract - A Tribe Called Quest
  37. Bonita Applebum Remix - A Tribe Called Quest
  38. Let Me Be The One Remix - Mint Condition
  39. Tomorrow - John Legend
February 10, 2018

Break Ups & Make Ups


It's been a long time I know I know. But I'm finally back and here for good. It's been a few years since I dropped a slow jam mix. With Valentine's Day around the corner I figured it's a good time for a new one. 2017 was a busy year of me trying to work on my production chops and I'm still working on it. But I'm definitely going to keep feeding the streets with mixes more frequently again because I'm a DJ first. 

Hope you guys enjoy this latest mix and thanks for still listening. Nothing but love.




This is the B side of a mix I released earlier this Summer on cassette. Hip Hop and R&B blends boom bap style like I usually do. Enjoy.  

August 12, 2016

Another Summer Mix

Back again with another mix for you guys.  With all the craziness going on in the world these days I just wanted to come with something fun for Summer.  If this mix can make you forget about your problems, make you dance, laugh or smile then I did my job.  Here's to Summer or play this when you just want it to feel like it's Summer.


Back again.  This time around I decided to come with an instrumental homage to the legendary Soul Brother #1 Pete Rock.  Lately I've just been tired of what I hear on the radio and just needed a dose of soul.  So who better than the Chocolate Boy Wonder.  All these beats are mixed together so you can have the longest freestyle session or DJ's can cut to this all the way through.  Can't provide a track listing because some of these beats just don't have names.  Anyways enjoy and I'll see you on the next go around.  
February 14, 2016

Love Joint


Finally back and this time around just wanted to spread some love to all of you the best way I know how.  Put together this short set to take you through the ups and downs of love.  Hope you can relate.  


Finally back again.  This time around I'm focusing on the legendary DJ Premier.  I remember buying whole albums as a kid just to hear the one track DJ Premier produced.  Anyways take a listen and hopfully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.  
August 3, 2015

Random Summer Nights 2015


This mix is just how I'm feeling at the moment.  A little mix of songs that I'm personally into where we can all just stop, relax and take time to enjoy these Summer nights.  Enjoy.  
June 2, 2015

Nothing But Blends


It's been a minute since I made something new but this one is different.  As a kid listening to mixtapes, I always loved listening to blends.  It was always amazed me how a different beat to a song can give it new life and a whole different feel.  So this mix is basically me paying homage to all the blend tape DJ's that came before me and putting my own twist to it.  I won't even list the beats blended to kind of give an element of surprise.
March 7, 2015

Journey Through Mos


Mos Def is undoubtedly a legend and all time great in the rap game.  As pure a lyricist as they come with plenty of style to match.  I make single artist mixes as a way of paying homage to all of the artists and musicians that I listen to and respect so this one was long overdue.  If you're not familiar with the man's catalog here's a nice little run through some of his choice cuts to get you familiar.  This one's for Brooklyn. 
November 18, 2014

After Dark

It's getting cold out here in the east coast.  Figured it'd be a good time to drop some smooth relaxing tunes for those cold nights and late night drives.  


There's not a lot of new school rappers that I'm a fan of these days.  But this guy Kendrick Lamar is an obvious exception.  The man is a brilliant writer, has a great sense of history, and really understands what Hip Hop is all about.  So here's my tribute to showcase not only Kendrick's catalog but the samples that made the songs possible. 
June 16, 2014

Summertime Vibes


The official start to Summer is this weekend and I felt like giving you guys a little something to get you ready.  Play this at the beach, picnics, or even just to feel like you're at the beach when you're really at work.  Enjoy everybody!

9thWonder.jpgBack again with another installment of the Behind The Beat series which showcases original samples used in Hip Hop.  This time around I decided to focus on the brilliant ear of 9th Wonder.  9th has been one of my favorites pretty much since Little Brother's The Listening dropped almost 10 years ago.  Since then he's went on to producer for everybody from Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Ludacris, and the list goes on and on.  So here's a selection of some of my favorite tracks produced by 9th Wonder paired up with the original sample.  And as always please give my podcast 5 stars on iTunes.  Thank you. 

February 14, 2014

J Dilla Tribute Megamix

Jay Dee.  J Dilla.  The man is absolutely the greatest Hip Hop producer to ever do it.  This man's music has inspired me like no other.  I made this short mix to share something new for Dilla Month.  


D'Angelo is without a doubt my favorite R&B artist of this generation.  In every sense, the man is a true artist.  He's the total package.  I remember hearing an interview from the late great J Dilla and he was speaking about how he can play, but the way D'Angelo plays is just out of this world.  On a talent scale you wouldn't be far fetched to compare him to Stevie Wonder.  He's just that good.  If you watch his live performances you'll hear not just women but grown men just losing it to every chord he plays.  The music and the vibe he has is just packed with so much soul and feeling that is almost unmatched in the genre.  The craziest part is that he hails from my home state of Virginia which makes me very proud.  He's been touring and working on his latest album last year but had to cancel shows due to health reasons uknown.  Which is what led me to making this tribute mix.  Hope the man is ok and will continue to bless us with his remarkable talent.  

December 4, 2013

Hoodies And Timbs 2

Happy holidays everybody!  Being that it's winter time, I figured it'd be a good time to drop a sequel to my Hoodies And Timbs mix.  I was raised on that gritty street life boom bap rap and that type of music always makes me picture cold weather and city life.  So put on a Champion hoodie and butter Timberlands and rock to this.  Don't forget the 5 star iTunes rating please.  See you in 2014. 

November 5, 2013

Soul Sessions Vol. 1

Welcome to Rizzy's Soul Lounge.  This time around just bringing you an assortment of good old soul music to vibe to.  Got a little of everything from the old to the new so there's something for everybody.  Hope you like it and as always please give me a 5 star rating in iTunes.  As always thanks for listening.  Much love.  

October 7, 2013

The Best Of Rawkus

Just some of my favorite tracks from the Rawkus era.  The focus here is mainly on Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and producer Hi-Tek.  Enjoy and don't forget to rate me with 5 stars in iTunes. Thanks.

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