I was watching the BET Awards and caught that R Kelly performance tonight.  It reminded me that I had this mix just collecting dust so I just figured I'd share.  Baby making music at its finest.


newjackswing.jpgWent back into the archives for this one.  This is a live New Jack Swing mix I did I think about 4 years ago or so.  Like I said this was done live with mess ups and all for you to laugh at.  Everybody loves some classic New Jack Swing.  It was just a good era for dance music.  This era will always be special to me because of all the childhood memories and all of the old videos I used to watch.  Hope you can relate.  Enjoy.



Gone way too soon.  Amy Winehouse definitely left her mark on the world.  Her voice is magical.  Amy's brand of soul music to me is everything that's right in music.  Here's my tribute to the now legendary songstress.



This is a mix I did in collaboration with the good people from The Art Of Reuse in Toronto.  They're opening their online shop so this mix was made to coincide with their web launch.  The extremely talented artist Sean Brown asked if I'd be willing to do a NERD/Neptunes mix.  Of course me being from VA thought that was a great idea.  I know the Neptunes discography very well so I knew I'd do justice with this as well as represent for my home state.  Everybody knows the story of Pharrell and Chad and the impact they've made on Hip Hop and Pop culture.  Definitely makes me proud that arguably the best producers in the last 15 years along with Timbaland are from my city.  So I dedicate this to all my people in Virginia Beach and all of Virginia.  Bang this all Summer.  And as always hook up that 5 star rating in iTunes.



Had this mix sitting in the vaults for a few years and decided it was a good time to let it go.  This is part 2 of my original mix which seems to be a lot of people's all time favorite.  Just some upbeat feel good music to put a little bounce in your step.  Special thanks to everyone who has a hard copy of this from when I originally dropped it.


Deborah.jpgJust another installment of that classic 90's R&B music that everybody seems to love.  As always thank you for listening and if you like it share it.   Also don't forget to give me a 5 star rating on iTunes.  Till the next one.

February 13, 2013

February Heartbeats

hearts.jpgJust a little random mix of current and old favorites from me to all of you.  Don't say I didn't give you a Valentine's gift.

January 21, 2013

Welcome To The Row

DRow.jpgThe Death Row era was a crazy time in Hip Hop. Mostly remembered by the violence and controversy surrounding the label, but lets not forget the classics they produced. Dr. Dre definitely made the blueprint to what the sound was and definitely wasn't the same after he left. What I remember most about this era was that even though the music was street, there was still a lot of soul within the music. On top of that especially with the Dre and Snoop connection the records were still about having fun and partying and not always about the gang banging. So here's my little tribute to this era of Hip Hop. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

October 30, 2012

Beats By Just Blaze

justblaze.jpgJust Blaze definitely made his mark in the game. As one of the marquee producers on Rocafella, Just Blaze along with Kanye brought soul sampled beats back to the forefront on the classic Blueprint album. Just Blaze went on to produce for just about every big name from Mariah Carey to Nas to Rihanna with an incredible run of hits that's still going today. So here's my personal favorites by this dope Producer/DJ.


Virginia-Beach-.jpgSad to see Summer almost over. This is a random assortment of songs I made on the fly that make me think of warm weather and happy times. Listen to this outdoors while you're enjoying Summer's last days.

August 28, 2012

AZ Essentials

az2.jpgAlways been a big AZ fan.  While the world still hangs onto the possibility of a Nas/AZ collaboration album, here's some classics by the Brooklyn legend to help build that anticipation.  As I made this mix I couldn't help but realize that to this day only a handful of artists in Hip Hop today are even on this level.  Witness greatness and enjoy.



Nothing says Summer like some Dancehall Reggae. I listened to nothing but  Hip Hop coming up so everything I learned about reggae is from DJ Kuya D.  This guy taught me so much about the DJ culture and what it was really all about and that's just having fun. Everybody from New York to VA who's been to his parties can tell you his Reggae sets are legendary.  So I wanted to put this together to pay homage to my mentor and to give all of you something to move to in this Summer heat.  Spread the love.

*For Promotional Use Only*

TribeCover.jpgIt's been a minute since I made a sample mix.  What better way than to pay tribute to a legendary crate digger like Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest.  Tribe has been influential to Hip Hop as a pioneering group of the jazz-infused Hip Hop sound.  Q-Tip's production is often slept on and needs to be mentioned as one of the best to ever do it.  His ear for loops is second to none.  So here's a mix showcasing the digging skills of the Abstract Poetic.

May 7, 2012

Party 2 Go

nicesmooth.jpgMTV used to put out these Party compilations back in the day.  This is my ideal party mix.  If you follow me on the social networks you probably already had this mix but I just wanted to make it available on the Podcast.

April 15, 2012

Mobb Deep Classics

mobb_deep.jpgQueensbridge duo Mobb Deep are definitely legends in the game.  Havoc is definitely in my top producer list when he delivers those obscure loops with dirty boom bap drums.  So here's some of my personal favorites from the Queens representatives.  Enjoy.

April 2, 2012

Beats By Madlib

Madlibpic.jpgOxnard's finest.  Madlib is a beast on the beats.  Arguably the hardest working producer in Hip Hop.  Madlib literally does nothing but make beats.  You won't hear him on the radio because he's not concerned about making you dance.  Similar to J Dilla, Madlib just makes music from the heart and soul.  The type of music I live for and will forever represent.  So if you're not up on him get familiar.

March 12, 2012

So So Def Classics

SoSoDef.jpgSay what you want about Jermaine Dupri but you can't deny the countless hits he continues to bring.  I always give him props because unlike other music moguls who claim to be producers, Jermaine really knows how to work an MPC and make beats.  As I was making this mix I just really noticed how most of the music he makes is just really fun, makes you dance, and puts you in a good mood.  What's also noticeable is the working chemistry that he's always had with R&B artists most notably Mariah Carey.  The songs they did always dominates Pop charts as well as R&B.  Anyways here's a collection of a bunch of the hits Jermaine built mixed by yours truly.  Enjoy.

January 23, 2012

It All Makes Common Sense

Common.jpgWith all the attention on the so called feud with Common and Drake, this is definitely a great opportunity to showcase one of Hip Hop's most celebrated MC's.  I probably should've made this a long time ago since Common has always been an all time favorite of mine.  Common has always been regarded as one of Hip Hop's elite and has worked with pretty much everybody who's considered to be a legend.  So here's a musical journey from one of the best to ever touch the mic.  Enjoy.

January 7, 2012

Ballads by 112

one12.jpgThis is one of those mixes I made for myself to listen to on the iPod or in the car.  I'm sure some of you are 112 fans so hopefully you'll enjoy this.  Just a little something to add to the collection.

December 17, 2011

The Wu Era

wutangclan6.jpgThe Wu Tang Clan along with Tribe will always be my favorite groups in Hip Hop.  What I loved most about them is how they didn't compromise their artistic integrity for sales.   Rza's production is some of the best Hip Hop has ever heard hands down.  The gritty drums and vocal samples inspired what you hear today from Kanye, Just Blaze, and 9th Wonder.  It's sad that ODB has passed but that really just cements the Clan's place in Hip Hop history forever.  Pay homage.


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