July 20, 2009

The Wonder Of 9th

9thWonder.jpgIn a time where Lil Jon ruled the airwaves, I was literally listening to "The Listening" by Little Brother 24/7.  9th Wonder's beats were every hip hop purists dream.  Soulful chopped samples and lyrics that weren't about drugs and gun blasting.  It was hip hop that was fun and literally everyone could relate to.  I was drawn to the music the same way I previously followed J Dilla, DJ Premier,  Pete Rock and the Rza.  Maybe they were just ahead of their time but real hip hop seemed to get pushed to the side for one note melodies and drunk in the club anthems.  Unfortunately like many great groups like Tribe, Pete Rock & CL, Gangstarr before them, Little Brother disbanded.  I still have hold onto faith that one day they may reunite, but until then i'll pay homage to the man they call 9th Wonder.  9th went on to produce for everybody from Jay-Z, Luda, Destiny's Child, Common, Mos Def, Erykah Badu and on and on.   Thanks for all the support.  Peace.

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