August 20, 2008

Rizzy’s Tribute to 2Pac


For this post I let the people decide the next mix I put up.  After going through all the votes a 2Pac mix was the winner.  I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the large majority of the people that visit this site are from California but it's all good.  Thanks again to everybody that gave their ideas and some of them I do plan to do in the future so keep checking back.  But anyways this was really easy because i'm also a big fan of 2Pac.  I was actually the only one in my whole crew that really listened to 2Pac.  Being from Virginia you didn't hear a lot of him on the radio partly because of the whole east coast west coast situation that was going on at the time but that's another story.  These are some of my favorite songs by Pac and most of them are actually east coast influenced.  Before 2Pac signed with Death Row Records, 2Pac worked with a lot of East Coast producers like Easy Mo Bee, Stretch (RIP), and so on.  Also right before he died he was working with Buckshot, The Beatminerz and the whole Boot Camp Clik so his style was really a mix of both coasts in my opinion.  So here it is and if you're listening to this at work be careful because you might want to snuff someone in the face or start a new revolution in your office.  Peace.

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 - DJ Mike Rizzy

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