June 13, 2011

One For Big L


Big L and Nas are my two favorite MC's so this one was a long time coming.  Yeah his rhymes were flashy but the difference is that he did it with all different types of flows and punchlines.  He was only 24 years old when he was tragically murdered and he was just days away from signing with Jay-Z on Rocafella Records.  What's really sad is that around that time everything was shaping up to really be L's time.  Ma$e went quadruple platinum and Camron was blowing up and Big L was making huge noise with the street smash "Ebonics."  But God works in mysterious ways and decided to take L from us.  Big L has since become a legend and his name is still relevant today and his work continues to be celebrated.  So here's a little mix I did to pay homage to the late great Big L.

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