January 25, 2010

Get Fresh Mix Hour 5 (Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas)


This will be the last mix from my live mix show that I post for a while.  This particular week I focused on the holy trinity of NYC hip hop.  I remember whenever I used to visit some friends to get inside the crib you would have to answer one question.  Who are the 3 greatest MC's?  Of course referencing the infamous Jay-Z line off of "Where I'm From."  Biggie has since cemented his status as one of the greatest if not the greatest MC of all time.  Say what you want about Nas and Jay but the fact that they're both still relevant today speaks for itself.  Who else is still doing it at a high level that's been around since Biggie and 2pac were alive?  So here's a little tribute to 3 lyrical heavyweights.  Enjoy!

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