February 18, 2011

Dilla Part 2


Since he's been gone February has been now known as Dilla Month.  Jay Dee is simply the greatest Hip Hop Producer of all time.  Forget about Dr. Dre or such and such Jay Dee is the Michael Jordan of beats.  And honestly it's not even close.  I recently watched the "Still Shining" Dilla remembrance piece and Common's DJ said something that stuck with me.  He said the difference between Dilla and the Dre's and Swizz and all them is that Dilla doesn't make music for today.  Dilla simply makes classics.  The music Jay Dee made, every single song is something that you can play forever.  And on top of that if you really dissect his production process it is as complex as it gets but when you listen to the music it feels so natural and effortlessly soulful.  Before I go off and lose it let me just say once again Dilla is the best and don't even try to argue.  Just enjoy the music and remember a one of a kind talent that we'll never see again.  Dilla rest in peace. 

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