August 30, 2010

Alicia’s Diary

Alicia.jpgAlicia Keys in my opinion has been the best artist in the last decade.  When it's all said and done for her I think she will be joining the iconic class of artists with Stevie, MJ, Roberta Flack, and whoever you want to add to that list.  Alicia continues to raise the bar and make great music in a time where R&B music is just for the most part garbage.  While most of the R&B superstars are resorting to the latest trends to stay relevant,  Alicia keeps innovating and just gets better and better.  The thing I love about Alicia the most is how she shows her love and represents Hip Hop just as much as R&B.  She's hosted mixtapes with the legendary Dirty Harry, remade the legendary Nas track  NY State Of Mind with Rakim, and worked with countless other legendary artists.  I love Lauryn Hill but she definitely came in and took her spot.  I didn't even bring up the fact that she was a child prodigy on the piano, and graduated from her performing arts school as valedictorian.   40 years from now when our grand kids asks us what music we listened to I guarantee her name will be on that list.

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