DJ Mike Rizzy

SoulQuarian Soul (A Tribute To D’Angelo)

January 6, 2014

D'Angelo is without a doubt my favorite R&B artist of this generation.  In every sense, the man is a true artist.  He's the total package.  I remember hearing an interview from the late great J Dilla and he was speaking about how he can play, but the way D'Angelo plays is just out of this world.  On a talent scale you wouldn't be far fetched to compare him to Stevie Wonder.  He's just that good.  If you watch his live performances you'll hear not just women but grown men just losing it to every chord he plays.  The music and the vibe he has is just packed with so much soul and feeling that is almost unmatched in the genre.  The craziest part is that he hails from my home state of Virginia which makes me very proud.  He's been touring and working on his latest album last year but had to cancel shows due to health reasons uknown.  Which is what led me to making this tribute mix.  Hope the man is ok and will continue to bless us with his remarkable talent.  

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  1. Me And Those Dreamy Eyes/Original/J Dilla Remix - D'Angelo
  2. Imagine - Snoop Dogg feat. D'Angelo 
  3. Feel Like Making Love - D'Angelo
  4. So Far To Go - Common feat. D'Angelo
  5. Ghetto Heaven - Common feat. D'Angelo
  6. Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
  7. 2U4U - Slum Village
  8. Jonz In My Bonz - D'Angelo
  9. Lady/Remix - D'Angelo feat. AZ
  10. Brown Sugar - D'Angelo
  11. She's Always In My Hair (Prince Tribute) - D'Angelo
  12. Tell Me If You Still Care (S.O.S. Band Cover) - D'Angelo
  13. Be Here - Rapahel Saadiq feat. D'Angelo
  14. I Believe - Q-Tip feat. D'Angelo
  15. I Found My Smile Again - D'Angelo
  16. Send It On - D'Angelo
  17. Nothing Even Matters - Lauryn Hill feat. D'Angelo
  18. Untitled (How Does It Feel?) - D'Angelo
  19. Really Love (Live Version) - D'Angelo