DJ Mike Rizzy

The Best Of N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes

April 16, 2013


This is a mix I did in collaboration with the good people from The Art Of Reuse in Toronto.  They're opening their online shop so this mix was made to coincide with their web launch.  The extremely talented artist Sean Brown asked if I'd be willing to do a NERD/Neptunes mix.  Of course me being from VA thought that was a great idea.  I know the Neptunes discography very well so I knew I'd do justice with this as well as represent for my home state.  Everybody knows the story of Pharrell and Chad and the impact they've made on Hip Hop and Pop culture.  Definitely makes me proud that arguably the best producers in the last 15 years along with Timbaland are from my city.  So I dedicate this to all my people in Virginia Beach and all of Virginia.  Bang this all Summer.  And as always hook up that 5 star rating in iTunes.

*For Promotional Use Only

  1. Everybody Is A Star - NERD
  2. Yeah You - NERD
  3. Please Don’t Mind - Philly’s Most Wanted
  4. I’m A Slave - Britney Spears
  5. Let’s Get Blown - Snoop Dogg
  6. Change Clothes - Jay-Z
  7. I’m Serious - TI
  8. Tape You - NERD
  9. Feel It Boy - Beenie Man feat. Janet Jackson
  10. Frontin - Pharrell
  11. Lapdance - NERD
  12. She Will Be Loved (Neptunes Remix) - Maroon 5
  13. House Party - Latrelle
  14. U Don’t Have To Call - Usher
  15. If You Think I’m Jiggy (Neptunes Remix) - The LOX
  16. I Just Wanna Love U - Jay-Z
  17. Superthug - Nore
  18. Oh No - Nore
  19. Hit The Freeway - Toni Braxton feat. Loon
  20. That Girl - Pharrell
  21. Ma I Don’t Love Her - The Clipse
  22. Run To The Sun - NERD
  23. Truth Or Dare - NERD
  24. Grindin - The Clipse
  25. When Boy Meets Girl - Total
  26. Luv U Better - LL Cool J
  27. Excuse Me Miss - Jay-Z
  28. In The Morning - Kelis
  29. Sugar Honey Iced Tea - Kelis
  30. Get Along With You -Kelis
  31. Rockstar - NERD
  32. Mr Me Too - The Clipse
  33. I Gotcha - Lupe Fiasco
  34. Sweet Life - Frank Ocean
  35. Midnight Hour - Natasha Ramos
  36. I Still Love You - 702
  37. Never Can Say Goodbye (Neptunes Remix) - Michael Jackson
  38. By Your Side (Neptunes Remix) - Sade
  39. I’m Beaming - Lupe Fiasco
  40. Popular Demand - The Clipse feat. Camron
  41. Sooner Or Later - NERD