November 13, 2007

Classic Dancehall Reggae


What’s the deal everybody? Thanks to all of you who downloaded the first podcast!! Well for round two I decided to take things back to the old school. I remember back in high school before I even touched a turntable I would roll with DJ Delinger and DJ Kuya D and they would rock house parties and clubs all around the Virginia Beach area. This was about around 1996 right before the so called “jiggy era” began. Whatever party we were at nothing got the party live more than their reggae sets. If you’ve ever been to a Kuya Tribe party you definitely know what i’m talking about. Everybody knows how much the ladies love reggae so this is definitely for y’all. I tried to include most of the songs from that particular era because these songs take me back and let me reminisce about the good times and hopefully you can relate. If you were too young to know these songs i hope you can appreciate it for being good music and spread the knowledge.

- Rizzy


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